Rainy Days

Hello! Now, I'm no meteorologist, but it looks like rain out there in Austin! Hair Nightmare! But it doesn't have to be! Here are a few options for those locks on a day like today.

1. First and foremost, RELAX! It's not the end of the world. Your best bet is to achieve a more tousled style when heading out in ANY damp weather. Your fingers should be your comb for all of these styles. That's right! PUT THE BRUSHES DOWN! I can be very bossy sometimes! ;)

2. Skip the shampoo today! Shampooing really strips the hair and scalp of oils, so give you and your scalp a break today! If you need a little boost in the root department, try using a DRY SHAMPOO. 

3. Can you say BRAID? Personally, I think the braid was invented for rainy days! Start with step 2, pull your hair to one side, and go to town braiding! The messier the better! Especially for a music festival!!

4. A TOP KNOT is TOP NOTCH in weather like this! My favorite knot is loose and tousled. Just flip your head upside-down, gather the hair in the middle and loop it around and around, pinning as you go. Voila! 

5. My Little Pony! Pony-Tail, that is! Again, you really don't even need a mirror for this. Simply shake out your hair, gather your hair in the back of your head, and wrap it up with an elastic band. Now use your fingers to gently pull hair at your hair-line and crown for a little volume up top. Feeling a little Preppy? All you need to do is a add a BOW! 

6. OR... You can call your BFF! and we can get you street-style ready in a flash! Email bff@lipservicexo.com or you can book your beauty treatment on our website www.lipservicexo.com First time? Enter the code NEWLIPGIRL at checkout and get 10% off your first beauty treatment!

7. HAVE FUN!! Remember, it's JUST HAIR! Now get that umbrella or poncho and enjoy your city! 

Call us! XO